"Thank you so much for making me feel me again!"

"I found the atmosphere of the workshop very comfortable and felt as though everything I said/ anyone said was listened to – really enjoyed the strategies used"

“Very good & helpful service. Makes me feel more positive about life”

“To improve my life is the biggest gift I have ever received”

“Approachable, friendly, life changing and supportive”

“I found CBT very helpful in aid of my mental recovery. My experience is that interventions helped my mind relearn how to see situations more rationally, and helped me to realise that a huge percentage of the worrying that I was doing didn’t plan out into reality. The main thing you need to do when thinking about this treatment is to go in with an open mind and that the more effort you put in, the more you get you. Just remember that if you have any struggles with the course that the IAPT team will do their best guide you through them”