Needle Phobia

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Date: Saturday 2 July 2022

Time: 10:30am to 11:30am

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Do you have a needle phobia? A fear of medical procedures that involve needles or injections is very common and affects at least one in 10 people. For many people, fear of needles is linked to fainting or feeling faint. When the fear is triggered, heart rate and blood pressure increase (like with other fears) but then rapidly drop. It is this fall in blood pressure that can cause fainting. For others, they might not feel faint but can feel panicky when their fear is triggered (increased heart rate, shaky, churning stomach). Many people do not confront their fear because they are embarrassed – and may AVOID any procedures that might involve needles. Fortunately this workshop which is delivered by a trained therapist will show you that there are many simple exercises that with practice can help you overcome your needle phobia.

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  • Luton

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