Long Term Conditions (LTC)/Physical Health Problems 

The link between physical and mental health is well known. Having a longer term condition like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or chronic pain can leave you feeling low, frustrated, stressed and hopeless.  This can in turn an make it harder to manage your condition, as you may find that attending appointment, managing medication and generally looking after yourself becomes more challenging.

We will explore any long term conditions that you may be experiencing and aim to adapt support to take this into account. This may help you feel more able to take control over your physical health whilst also supporting your emotional wellbeing.

What support is available for long term conditions?

At Milton Keynes talking therapies we offer a range of treatments that can be adapted to the needs of each person living with a long term condition. These include:

  • Online cognitive behavioral therapy programs tailored to specific long term conditions (diabetes, pain, lung conditions, cardiac)
  • Variety of workshops to help with stress/anxiety and low mood
  • Long term conditions wellbeing group (focused on acceptance/adjustment to having a long term condition and living a values life).
  • Guided self-help either face to face of via telephone
  • 1:1 therapy (CBT) either face to face or online

How can I access this help?

Please go to the self-referral tab on the home page of the website and complete the self-referral form or alternatively please contact the service on 01908 725099


Your GP or allied health professional can refer you to the service.