What happens in a telephone assessment?

You will be asked to complete some questionnaires before your Telephone Assessment. These questionnaires help us to understand the severity of your depression or anxiety symptoms and their impact on your day to day activities. We will ask you some more questions to help develop an understanding of your difficulties in order we can make an informed decision about the next steps.

What happens after the telephone assessment?

After your Telephone Assessment we will discuss the next steps with you. This may be a course of talking therapies with our service or an onwards referral to another service or agency if that’s more appropriate for your needs.

Is the service confidential?

Yes, everything you tell us will be kept between you and the service. We will send your GP brief information about appointments and notify them when we discharge you from our care. We will only break this confidentiality if we become concerned about your safety or the safety of somebody else.

Do I need talking therapies or medication?

This is something you should discuss with your GP. Sometimes people are prescribed short term medication while waiting for talking therapies. However, you do not need to be prescribed medication to access this service