What happens in a telephone assessment?

Telephone assessments last approximately 30 to 40 minutes. You will firstly be asked to complete some routine questionnaires which help us to understand the severity of your symptoms and their impact on your day to day life. There will be a following discussion where you will be asked some further questions and to explain the difficulties you are experiencing in your own words. This all helps us to make an informed decision about suitable talking therapies for you.

What happens after the telephone assessment?

A follow-up will be arranged usually within 2 days. If you are at risk a referral to crisis services will be made immediately.

In the follow-up we will discuss suitable talking therapies and make a plan with you. You will usually be placed on a waiting list and contacted when a therapist is available.

Is the service confidential?

Anything discussed will stay between the service and your GP. We will never disclose information to any third party without consent from you to do so. We will only break this confidentiality if we have reason to be concerned about your safety or somebody elses.

Do I need talking therapies or medication?

This may be something you would like to discuss with your GP. The outcome of this discussion might be that you are prescribed some short-term medication while you wait for a talking therapies referral. For many mental health difficulties taking prescribed medication alongside talking therapies is considered the best approach. However, it is certainly not necessary for you to be on medication to access talking therapies. If in doubt discuss with your GP in the first instance.